Recommended Charities

There are certain Charities that I support and I encourage you to do the same. I explain briefly why I support them. The names are links to their websites.

Compassion International
I have been a sponsor with Compassion International since 1990. Compassion is one of the longest serving child-sponsorship organizations. It began in South Korea in 1952 as a way to serve the orphans of the Korean War. The program is focused on helping individual children by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing an education, healthcare and supplemental food, a safe environment, personal attention and love. There are several ways to give to Compassion, but the Child Sponsorship is currently $38/month.

Never Thirst
I was told about the work of Never Thirst a couple of years ago and have been fascinated by their approach to the problem of providing clean drinking water to world. Theirs is an engineering-based approach using technology that is appropriate to the region where the well will be produced. This allows local people to service the well and conduct repairs as needed, rather than hope to acquire parts from other parts of the world. Their Mission statement is: “Neverthirst is an international non-profit Christian organization dedicated to bringing clean and living water to the poor.”

Alabama Rural Ministry
The Vision is big: “We exist to end substandard housing in rural Alabama.” How can you not support that? I met ARM’s founder and executive director, Lisa Pierce in 1990 while we were students at Auburn and I know her to be one of the finest servant-leaders that I have been around. I have followed the work of ARM since its founding in 1998 and admire the many ways that they have been the hands of Christ into the lives of people all over rural Alabama.

Auburn Wesley Foundation
The United Methodist church works through their “Wesley Foundations” at many colleges to serve college students. My experience of Wesley is at Auburn and through the director David Goolsby, who has been there since 1983. Anyone who knows of Auburn Wesley is aware of the focus on Discipleship and Service that is in place here. Students are met where they are and encouraged to a life of faith in Jesus Christ and a life of service as Jesus’ hands and feet to the world. Supporting the Auburn Wesley Foundation is a way to serve all of the ministries that are led by the students from there. It is more than you might think and on a ‘shoestring’ budget.

Kids First Awareness
Reaching out to the children of Alabaster, primarily in the Simmsville community, Kids First touches lives early, encouraging children in at-risk areas with a positive program the encourages education, avoiding drugs and violence, and becoming positive participants in their community. Cindy Hawkins is passionate about helping the kids, and a tough advocate for them in the community. I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy on programs in the past and wish I were as faithful a servant of Christ as she is.