A Special Thank You to Tom Woods

StackI know that many of the visitors to this site came here as a result of promotion from Dr Tom Woods on both his podcast and newsletter.  I know because my page views went from 63 to over 1700 in a single day!  I’d say that is significant.

In his email Newsletter, Tom Woods said in part:

If you’re like me — and I know you are — you have a dozen books, each partially read, by your bedside.

And for every one you finish, you buy two more.

Your friends and family plead with you to stop the madness. You defiantly read on.

Well, here is the picture of my stack of books defiantly purchased, but not completed.  As I finish them, I will post the reviews here for you.  And I guarantee that before I can do all of these, there will be other books that are purchased, read and reviewed. It may take a while…

In the meantime, I want to say how much I appreciate you visiting and checking out the reviews.

And I especially want to say how much I appreciate Dr Woods’ promotion of this site on both show and newsletter.

Start your own blog today, using his link: