We Who Dared Say No To War

Originally Reviewed 10/19/2014 – Revised 3/19/2016

We Who Dared Say No To War
edited by Murray Polner and Thomas E Woods

It took me 4 months to finish this book, as it is thought provoking and I wanted to really give it a fair hearing. When I initially reviewed it, I was fairly early in my reconsideration of many long-held views about war. It would be easy to read a couple of essays, maybe a stirring speech and then come away with an opinion that is 180 degrees from where I began. The emotional and lazy part of me would like to take a bit a of light reading and call it “research” into the topic. But that would not be fair to either my previous opinion, nor the new one that I would have to defend in the future.

Though my mind has been changed on the topic, I still do not feel that my understanding is deep enough to answer any question, but this book provides many facts and ways of thinking about the topic that do support my current view. There is no shame in changing long-held opinions when confronted with previously unknown facts.

As I said in my initial review, so many people in my life whom I admire and whose opinion I respect, would disagree with much of what is said here. But I find myself drawn to more reflection on this topic as I reconcile what I already know with new-to-me information and then look for further guidance from the scriptures. Ultimately, I look to Christ for my opinion on this. All that to say, I recommend this book.

And I still recommend it.