The Last Fighting Tommy

LastFightingTommyOriginally Reviewed 5/30/2015 – revised 3/19/2016

The Last Fighting Tommy by Harry Patch and Richard van Emden

Finished this one last night and I recommend it highly. By the end of the book, I felt as if I knew Mr. Patch at least a bit, maybe because his life story reminded me of my dad.

Patch was the last living soldier who fault in the trenches of WWI, and his distaste for war and those who bring it is clear. But this book also brings in the story of his life as a plumber and his marriage and family life.

He strikes me as a much better man than I, harder working, more loyal and a real servant. Yet I think Patch would say that his behaviour was nothing special, just the way we’re supposed to behave.

Worth a read.