The Copperhead

Originally Reviewed 2/8/2016 – revised on 3/19/2016

The Copperhead by Harold Frederick

Just finished “The Copperhead” by Harold Frederick (1893). This is the story of a Northern farm family that is affected by the Civil War when the son joins the union army against his father’s wishes. His father is a ‘Copperhead’, a northern opponent of the war. Though written more than 120 years ago, it has a modern sensibility and writing style to it.

Through this book, we see forces which played out in the lives of the average family in the North. Every family is affected when a son goes to fight and possibly die. The stoic front put up by the parents eventually comes down by degrees.

Though the ending is a bit easy for the reader, it is not contrived. There is no deus ex machina, just a typical bittersweet resolution.

Enjoyable book and I recommend it.