Back Story

Originally Reviewed 12/6/2015 – revised on 3/19/2016

Back Story by David Mitchell

The latest in my series of “Unsolicited Book Reviews” is one that I have been slowly reading for several months. [This is one of the few e-books that I have read and I am not a big fan of that format.]

I have become a fan of David Mitchell’s wit over the past few years, watching BBC ‘panel shows’ like QI and ‘Would I Lie To You.’ His rants about all manner of subjects are funny and usually reasonable. But honestly, I was intrigued by the description of the book as his story of daily walks as a method of dealing with chronic back pain. Hence the name of the book.

Mitchell uses the backdrop of one of his daily walks as the jumping off point for telling his life story. Various scenes along the way are used to launch into each chapter as he tells the story of his walk and his life. While I share few of the actual experiences with Mitchell, I feel that I have some of the same neuroses that he describes. A kind of a general fear of failure early on and then of being found out as a phony in adulthood.

Mitchell’s successes have been more recent than I had realized. I really thought he’d been around longer in the public eye than he has. Apparently, I caught him fairly early in his career. I don’t normally follow celebrities’ personal lives and I don’t plan on starting now. But for someone so relatable to me, it was enjoyable to learn about him.

Recommended if you are familiar with David Mitchell.